Tuesday 7 June 2022


On the 1 February 2022 under the Local Government Act 1972, Section 123 (1), (2A), a notice was issued for a period of 4 weeks outlining that the Council of the Borough of Torbay intended to dispose of land by way of a lease. The area concerned was of approximately 72 sq. m of grassed area at Broadsands Beach, Paignton which consisted or formed part of an open space. Due to the land being considered open space, there was a requirement on Torbay Council under the Local Government Act 1973 to advertise this leasehold disposal and seek comments and objections to the loss of public open space.


At no point did Torbay Council consult with the Neighbourhood Forum, nor do they ever consult with Neighbourhood Forums in cases such as this. No consideration was given to any policy relating to the undeveloped coast. The only reason I became aware of this was through an obscure e-mail sent to all councillors. This is the second bit of grassed area to be 'disposed of' at Broadsands by way of lease which will result in grass being concreted over.


Torbay Council state that there were no objections received from members of the public, however an objection was received from the Ward Councillor (me). Having carefully considered the objection, officers were of the opinion many of the concerns raised consisted of planning issues. The notice did not give any indication that concrete would potentially replace grass.


It will be interesting to see if a planning application is submitted as the other grassed area which was concreted over was allowed by Torbay Council without any planning application being submitted.


Does this give confidence that Neighbourhood Plans are supported?

Last Updated: Tuesday 7 June 2022