Green Spaces to Concrete Spaces


Sunday 19 June 2022


I have submitted the following question to full Council on 21 July:


At Broadsands we have lost a number of bits of green space to concrete through TDA disposing of that land by way of lease. This type of disposal is required to be advertised as stipulated in the Local Government Act 1972. The advert never states how that land is to be used and it would appear that the TDA give no consideration to how that land is to be used and whether the intended use conflicts with our Development Plans. I have been informed that all decisions made by the TDA are made with the full knowledge of this Cabinet.

Would you please explain why we are not informing the public as to the intended use of the land, why we do not consider our Development Policies when disposing of tracts of land by way of lease and, most importantly, how losing sections of natural drainage to concrete in a flood zone fits with our Climate Change policies.


Karen Kennedy

Last Updated: Monday 20 June 2022